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“Ignorant As Icarus” shows off Rae Kelly’s undeniably powerful voice.

Rae Kelly - Ignorant As Icarus

Rae Kelly picks up the mantle of dreamy folk on the soulful “Ignorant As Icarus”. Everything about this piece defies easy categorization, for it has a modern yet ancient sound to it. Modern in terms of its sheer polished production which sounds absolutely gorgeous to behold. The folk traditions she touches upon and brings into the fray feel timeless and the tenor of her voice equally so. Her style draws favourably from Vashti Bunyan’s output, for it has a similar scope and similar style that has a pristine beauty to it one that positively glimmers with radiant energy.

Things start off quietly, as least at first. Her voice has a stately grace for it takes the reigns of the entirety of the work quite quickly. Little flourishes here matter a great deal for the way the piece evolves in its own unique way feels poignant, even poetic at times. Verses here draw upon mythology and other legends in a way that becomes doubly refreshing. She allows the virtual sea of sound behind her to start to churn, growing ever more potent with each additional cycle. As if it was simply gathering up energy the whole of the piece becomes a virtual storm, one with drums and all that a storm entails, thrashing about but never outdoing the sheer strength of her vocals.

“Ignorant As Icarus” shows off Rae Kelly’s undeniably powerful voice, a true force of nature that has a commanding yet gracious aura to it.

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