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Imelda Gabs undeniable skill in creating an entire aural universe one completely of her own design.

Imelda Gabs - Fallen Angel

Imelda Gabs pairs impeccable classically trained chops with an emphasis on pop for the stunning “Fallen Angel”. A curious mixture of Gregorian chant, church music, and modern pop the entirety of the thing feels so vivid and real. Her voice contains multitudes and she uses it perfectly. Words are suspended in air for her storytelling skill is unparalleled. At times touching upon the austere cool of late Nico, the way the piece seems to defy gravity, indeed time itself, is doubly impressive. The arrangement is kept sparse yet infinitely tasteful for the spaciousness of the sound is what immediately becomes apparent.

A gentle melody anchors the whole of the piece and in fact comes to introduce it. With this small prompt, the mood is set for what follows is something divine. Her voice entering into the fray begins things in earnest as a whole vivid array of worlds unfurls with each uttered verse. The storytelling is equal parts poetic, prophetic, and profound. Regal to its absolute core the multiple layers never seem dense but always appear more than willing to fully untether themselves from this mortal coil. Everything about the song has an exquisite beauty and surprising depth. For all this sophistication the hook remains ever so steady, for she is experimentation but also acknowledges the importance of catchiness and merges the two into one singular whole.

“Fallen Angel” proves Imelda Gabs’ undeniable skill in creating an entire aural universe one completely of her own design.


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