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"Indigenous" shows the unique voice of SolarEyez.

SolarEyez – Indigenous

A spacious, cryptic exploration of space and texture, SolarEyez goes for a futuristic mystical kick on the trance-like hip-hop of “Indigenous”. Here percussion proves to be of the utmost importance for they mess around with the rhythm with gleeful abandon. Thus, one can hear the heavy, heavy bass frequencies that roll through with a dub-like ease alongside the metallic gleam of the hits of every single beat. They forgo the usual to dive deeper into the sound. By far though the true unifying force of the whole piece comes from the powerful lyricism which cuts to the very bone. Delivery here has a sharpness to it for his flow has a directness to it that feels refreshing.

The dramatic flourish of the open sets the tone for what follows. Heavy yet quite open, there is a mystery about the way every layer builds upon the work. Rhythms here have a tremendous playfulness to them for the beats virtually bounce off each other. An ear for melody allows the song to sort of worm its way deep into the recesses of the mind. Then there are those lyrics that have such a poetry to them. Every word chosen with care, delivered impeccably, and featuring a great swath of grandeur. With each additional reiteration there is a sense of majesty that builds and builds. He proves to be a master at letting the tension grow to an almost unbelievable amount before it simply fades away.

“Indigenous” shows off the undeniably unique voice of SolarEyez in crafting a universe that has such stark, vivid imagery.



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