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Infused with a serious sense of passion, Bianca Hauert’s “Daneben benehmen” has a delicate beauty.

Bianca Hauert - Daneben benehmen

Infused with a serious sense of passion, Bianca Hauert’s “Daneben benehmen” has a delicate beauty to it. The melodic richness of the track proves to be timeless, for the sweeping synthesizers add a level of otherworldliness into the proceedings. Rhythms too take a bit of a backseat for they have their own elegant, stately presence to them. Quite windswept, there is a pastoral, natural quality to how the sound simply seems to sweep the listener up in its radiant waves. By far though the true highlight comes from Bianca’s powerful voice, which has a commanding aura about it. Every word chosen with care they hit with such resonance. Volume is a must for there is an expectation that it all washes over the listener in a way that becomes so absolutely beguiling.

Right in the very beginning, the way it starts up has a majesty to it. The layered quality of the work becomes immediately apparent, as there is an overall dreamy hue to the many textures. Once woven together the ornate arrangement offers nods to the gracefulness of Beach House’s output. Akin to them, Bianca makes sure that every nuance of the arrangement is explored fully and completely. During certain moments, the dream pop and shoegaze affect feel particularly strong as she has such a warmth to the way she lets the lyricism unfurl. Evolution of the work further lends to the sense of growth, a living breathing element that rests within the center of it all.

“Daneben benehmen” features an impeccable atmosphere, one that revels in Bianca Hauert’s brilliant powerful storytelling.



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