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Irish Busking Sensation Keith Moran Returns with His First Solo Single

Irish singer-songwriter Keith Moran has released his first solo single, "Face in the Crowd." He paints beautiful a picture of life experiences that encourage the deep reflection in listeners. There is a relatable sadness in this song, and each listen draws different emotions.

This is a story is of a girl who loved too much, giving all she has, but then comes the time to forget and move on. Its hard to accept that the face that used to make you feel so happy now hurts you. She gets lost in the crowd to hide her sadness, however, other broken people notice her. This song is about sympathy, empathy, and the desire to help people in the same situation you were.

Keith Moran is an artist that treads deeply on his sensitivity and emotions to create art that moves people. We all relate to sad songs; they stay in our minds because pain and painful memories endure.

The song shows how he has grown as a songwriter from when he was the frontman for No Angles D.C.. No Angles rose to fame with their cover of 'Help' which landed No. 4 in the Irish charts and helped them get a slot on the Late Late Show and a support slot with Meatloaf.