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Issa Bibbin crafts a soulful sound on the powerful “Not This Time"

Issa Bibbins - Not This Time (feat. ANSON RAP$, BryannaxDenise, YaBoyBreeze)

Issa Bibbin crafts a soulful sound on the powerful “Not This Time (feat. ANSON RAP$, ByrannaxDenise, YaBoyBreeze)”. Production has a polished perfect quality to it. Everything about it swirls about with a bit of beauty to it. Melodies waft on through with a richness that is outright gorgeous. Vocals rush on through with true fire. Within every vocalist they bounce off each other in a way that is quite surprising, even surreal at times. The verses are chosen with the utmost of care for they use such thoughtfulness. Beats have a booming bass behind it, for it works to support the whole of the piece.

From the very first moment the mood is set in a way that adds to the dignity of the piece. Samples filter in and out of the mix for there is a sense of defiance that drives the track forward. An uncanny sense of purpose comes into focus quickly. Words further add to the discovery that begins to take place over the course of the piece. Deep in the very message the many different flourishes come on through. Hip-hop, R&B, and pop merge to become one, in their own unique purpose. Almost a bit of a throwback sound, the piece draws from the 90s in the best way possible. Incredible sunlight enter into the swirl for it all has a heaviness, giving it a force of nature aspect.

“Not This Time (feat. ANSON RAP$, BryannaxDenise, YaBoyBreeze)” revels in the stately groove that Issa Bibbins lays out for the listener.



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