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Ivy Eye bring in that sweet plush funk sound with “Intoxicating”.

Ivy Eye – Intoxicating

Ivy Eye bring in that sweet plush funk sound with “Intoxicating”. Aptly named the song draws the listener into a sparkling, shimmering world. The instrumentation on here has a tautness to it. Every single hit of the drum has an emotional aspect to it, the glowing riff of the guitar working its own specific wonders. Nods to Donald Fagen’s crystal-clear jazz-rock fusion alongside more recent groups like Daft Punk, Cut Copy and more embody the spirit of the atmosphere. Melodically rich it is easy to get lost in the heady brew. Neon hued and quite spacious they roll on through with a presence that has its own perfection behind it.

They waste no time in getting things started. From the first hit of the drum the song has a casual easy-going nature to it. Right in the center of the whole thing are those assured vocals that have their own polished quality to them. Fully pristine, they radiate so much hope within them. Layer upon layer enters the fray making sure that no moment ever feels lost. Word choice is essential for they weight each verse, sculpting it for maximum impact. Some sort of meditative quality reigns supreme, tying much of the work together. A true sense of bliss emerges from these many different aspects of the work, for it shifts in unexpected ways making sure everything is treated with care.

“Intoxicating” revels in the small details, proving Ivy Eye to be true masters of their craft in a way that feels outright joyous.



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