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Jōviky hold nothing back on the swagger of “Intervention”.

Jōviky – Intervention

Jōviky hold nothing back on the swagger of “Intervention”. Everything about it has a threatening presence to it. Woodwind sampling helps to add to this sense of dread. Bass rolls through in a heavy, fully-fledged fashion. Overall, the low-end crushes everything in its path. Layer upon layer interacts to create doom-laden atmosphere. Vocals rest right in the center of the thing from which all else flows. His flow has pure fire to it, taking on the mantle of old-school hip-hop in a way that feels doubly refreshing. With so few rappers going this particular route there is a sense of uniqueness about the way that the track evolves.

Staccato samples introduce the piece. From this point the rest of the sound comes into the fray. The song grows and builds up after this first burst of energy. His vocals start off slowly yet nimbly. Everything about it has a fragility to it. By barely keeping it together the song has a stately presence. Word choice here cuts to the bone. Done with the greatest amount of care he makes sure that the rest of the track comes into focus. Production value feels exceptional for the work has a sparkling quality. Nods to early 90s hip-hop appear throughout, from the stellar glistening melodies that seem to permeate it all to the low-key grooves that anchor it. For the final stretch it all seemingly comes together in a wonderful way.

“Intervention” revels in the exquisite detail that Jōviky lays down with the greatest amount of care.



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