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Jacqueline Kroft taps into a wonderfully weird delirious world with “TEMPEST IN A TEACUP”.

Jacqueline Kroft - TEMPEST IN A TEACUP

Jacqueline Kroft taps into a wonderfully weird delirious world with “TEMPEST IN A TEACUP”. Her style draws heavily from the eccentric indie pop arrangements of St. Vincent. Akin to that work, Jacqueline Kroft incorporates an exquisite level of detail within her carefully laid out flourishes. The way she lets the song evolve gives it a living, breathing aspect to it for it feels quite organic. Interplay between the many instruments further adds to the sense of wonder that the song explores. So much colour passes through the piece as her ear for melody is exceptional. By far though the highlight comes from her dazzling voice, with lyrics that have an acidic alliteration to them.

Right from the opening she sets the tone with rhythms that seem to weave themselves together into a vast tapestry of sound. The inclusion of chamber music further lends the song a majestic aura. Atmosphere proves to be everything for she gives each moment plenty of room to explore. Deep in the centre of this whirlwind is her steady, persistent voice which has an intriguing, mysterious cadence to it. With this single quality she is able to guide the song along through some darkened shadows among other various elements. Physicality proves to be of the utmost of essence as it all cascades downward to transform itself into an unwieldly beast. For the finale, she lets her voice soar in a way that becomes blissful.

“TEMPEST IN A TEACUP” shows off Jacqueline Kroft’s impeccable craft and storytelling in a way that feels outright joyous.



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