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Jasmin Butler sings with a fire and passion on the aptly named “Ready To Ignite”

Jasmin Butler - Ready To Ignite

Jasmin Butler sings with a fire and passion on the aptly named “Ready To Ignite”. Her voice possesses an earnestness to it one that helps to ground the whole of the work. She keeps the arrangement light, bright, and airy. By far the highlight comes from the intrinsically powerful lyricism that has a mixture of storytelling, directions, and corporate speak. Delivery further sells this point home as the song has a tongue-in-cheek element to it. Word choice here proves to be exceptional as she holds absolutely nothing back, as the way it describes work done in an urban setting to be shockingly on-point. The giddy nature of her voice is further empathized by the way it all unfurls with an instrumental richness that is a joy to behold. Rhythms have an easy-going take to them, with keys that gingerly weave their way through.

The melody guides the sound forward, helping to accentuate the power of her message. With a delirious, almost demented glee to the lyrics the verses come quick and fiercely. She cuts the sound down to the essentials, as the twee proves to be a valuable counterpoint to the vivid description and detail that enters the fray. Allowing layer upon layer to further highlight the intelligent, thought-provoking piece, the sound constantly seems to be pitched to go ever so slightly up and up until it finally bursts at the end.

“Ready To Ignite” features an intrepid journey for Jasmin Butler brings together twee pop and folk in a highly original, memorable way.



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