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Jason Waterfalls delivers pure triumph over the entirety of “The Great Masquerade”.

Jason Waterfalls – The Great Masquerade

Jason Waterfalls delivers pure triumph over the entirety of “The Great Masquerade”. Hard rock, EDM, industrial and more get filtered through his distinct vision. A heavy experience for certain he brings up dollops of pure distortion into the mix. Truly a physical presence it crushes absolutely everything in its path. Volume is a given for this is an arena-filling sound. Over the course of the collection the way that the tracks work is like suites in a greater symphony. Despite the loudness the vocals manage to convey a true vulnerability.

“Circles” start things off on a high note featuring the right number of vamps that intersperse the whole of the piece. Layers filter on through further adding to this colossal scope. Things get pulled back a bit on the decidedly more minimal “Tidal Wave”. Here the slick sound has a minimalism about it pacing greater emphasis on the electronic side of things. Vocal treatment on “Bones” helps to add to its heightened sense of dream-like bliss. Nice edits on “Anything You Want” has a neon-hued splendor to it. With a party-like atmosphere they bring a humid atmosphere into the mix. Easily the highlight of the collection the title track “The Great Masquerade” features taut bass work with a controlled rhythm section. Bringing the thing home “Read My Mind” ends things off with a feeling of pure adrenaline.

“The Great Masquerade” holds absolutely nothing back resulting in this wild whirlwind of activity and proving Jason Waterfalls to have a great ear for arrangements.



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