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Jay Moussa-Mann Unveils Fun-loving New Single 'American Tennessee'

This October 22nd marked the release of UK artist Jay Moussa-Mann's new single 'American Tennessee'. Based in the North-East, UK, Jay has already enjoyed a string of successes and released a number of other brilliant tracks. Her songs have been played repeatedly on BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 6. She has performed at Twisterella Festival, The Waiting Room and Middlesbrough Mela. In 2020 she took part in the Sage Summer Studios Music Residency and was an awardee of the Do It Differently through Help Musicians in 2021.

An fun, uplifting fusion of 80s-inspired pop and country, American Tennessee is a song about moving on, where the character goes into a hyper-real fantasy world of the American Dream - what she really wants is the world she’s seen on film, that only lives in her head. This one is for fans of Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Ed Sheeran and also classic greats Fleetwood Mac. It's fun, uplifting fusion of country and pop makes for a real treat for the soul. Jay's sweet yet powerful vocal cuts through the mix wonderfully, and the production is totally flawless. It feels like a big track worthy of a Netflix placement on some indie film. Be transported into the imaginative world of Jay Moussa-Mann and check out the single for yourself:

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