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Jennifer Alvarado takes on a careful considered side of country on the lovely “Curious”.

Jennifer Alvarado – Curious

Jennifer Alvarado takes on a careful considered side of country on the lovely “Curious”. With just the right amount of romance the song explores vast, wide-open spaces. Her storytelling comes straight from the heart, as the lyrics explore what it means to navigate friendship to something more intimate. The arrangement seems to perfectly punctuate her message as the verses flow freely. Right in the background the rest of the band kicks it up in a dreamy, soothing way. Electric guitar implies the wildness of the American countryside, with the rhythm section keeping a tight driving groove to it all.

Gestures in the very beginning set the tone for what follows. Energy starts off slowly and builds from there. Much of the evolution of the sound rests with the band’s emphasis for the whole group makes sure every single element matters. With a keen sense of balance, one can hear the acoustic guitar alongside the electric with both given equal weight. As the song expands and becomes louder, so does her voice. She soars up alongside the rest of the arrangement as there is a symphonic element associated with the whole of the work, one that has a refreshing quality to it all. By allowing this little element to come on through there is a bit of a compassion to it, one that seems to touch upon that universal theme of when do friends become more than simply friends.

“Curious” revels in the exquisite care of Jennifer Alvarado for she makes sure to create a world that has a warm, welcoming, and familiar presence.



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