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Jesse Grossi does the genre justice with “Rock n’Roll”.

Jesse Grossi – Rock n’Roll

A little slice of garage rock at its most raw and visceral, Jesse Grossi does the genre justice with “Rock n’Roll”. Everything here has a familiarity about it from the guitar riffs to the steady rhythm. The playfulness, welcoming and inviting, truly leads the way. Lyrics further emphasize the sense of joy. Nods to the Strokes and similarly-minded groups influence much of their work. Absolutely impossible to avoid getting engrossed there are nothing but infectious hooks that abound throughout. Verses are chosen with care for they are sculpted in an exceptionally celebratory way.

Drums introduce the work and from there the song bursts with such power. Volume needs to be blasted for there is a rollicking power behind it. Interplay feels fantastic and the group plays off each other’s strengths. Always a complete blur of colors, they take from rock’s very soul for there is a bluesy aspect to the work. They keep it loose too just nicely defying listener expectations. No matter what sort of flourishes they bring into the mix what remains is an incredible groove. Driving on through there is a power to it. Full of muscle the bass helps to tie it all together. Layer upon layer makes sure that there is an ability to get fully lost within the whole of the piece. Patterns emerge throughout making sure that they even take a bit from the classic cadence of the Velvet Underground.

Jesse Grossi goes for a wild unhinged presence about it with “Rock n’Roll”.



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