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Jester Society brings the tempos to their breaking point on the rave pop of “.cynicalcritical.”

Jester Society - .cynicalcritical.

Jester Society brings the tempos to their breaking point on the rave pop of “.cynicalcritical.”. With the cascading arpeggios the way that he ties the many different sounds together feels joyous. The buildup of the track feels additionally giddy for there is a candy-coated splendor to the whole thing. Attention to detail means the work has a polished quality to it with every little flourish further adding to the entirety of the piece. From the beats to the synthesizer rush, it has a true love of life. Best of all are the vocals that seem to virtually soar up into the air. By refusing to constantly look forward there is a yearning to the whole piece.

From the very open there is a positivity to the track, as the looping vocals recall a bit of Animal Collective’s “Merriweather Post Pavilion”. This majestic introduction sets the tone for what follows for there is a bit of colour that gets thrown into the fray. Nods to a modern psychedelic style means that the song is easy to get lost in, for they bring so much into such a short track. The grooves stun, and the hooks are aplenty throughout the rest of the work, further lending a giddiness to it that never lets up. Indeed, they double-down on this energy helping to give the work an adventurous presence, one that really celebrates the spirit of togetherness.

“.cynicalcritical.” shows off Jester Society’s uncanny ability to create a sound that positively teems with life.



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