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Joe Fox Drops Brand New Studio Single: Smoke Show.

May 2021 - Joe Fox is an artist and songwriter who recently released a brand new project: Smoke Show. Born in Seattle, but based in LA, Joe developed a sound that blurs the lines between alternative rock and dance-friendly indie music, going for a diverse and one-of-a-kind twist. This is music that you can dance to, but also head-bang to, if that’s more your type of reaction!

Joe comments: "When my producers Aaron and Corey and I were working on this song we really wanted to make something with a strong groove. After talking to some of our female friends we wanted to write something that musically and lyrically hyped them up. We tried to capture that feeling of getting ready with your friends for a night out, and what that song would sound like. Something that makes you feel like you’re stomping down a runway."

Aided by his band, The Frantics, Joe developed a fierce and focused sound that’s incredibly kaleidoscopic and diverse. His music is diverse and unpredictable, yet catchy and easy to relate to. His most recent studio track, “Smoke Show” is a perfect example of what I am talking about. The track features a primal rhythm, over which some monolithic riffs have the opportunity to drive the energy even further. Fans of artists such as The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood are certainly going to connect with this release.

Find out more about Joe Fox, and do not miss out on “Smoke Show,” which is available on all major platforms now.



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