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John Long plays with listener expectations on the giddy adventure of “My Forever”.

John Long - My Forever

John Long plays with listener expectations on the giddy adventure of “My Forever”. Pop, country, rock, EDM, all of these get brought together by the power of his voice. Lyrics drip with such love. A poetry takes over much of the word choice found within the verses. Balance proves to be of the essence allowing there for a degree of care within the sculpted sounds. Vocals work as the very beating heart of it all from which all else revolves. The buildup utilized over the course of the journey lends it a distinct, compassionate quality to it, one that becomes beguiling. Volume is a must for there is a power to the way that it swirls about the mix.

From the first moment a degree of compassion enters into the fray. Everything about it has a lushness to it. The luxury of the work has a careful cadence to it. By allowing more and more instruments into the mix there is a fullness to it. Quite rich it is easy to get lost within the whole of the mix. So many textures help to interact resulting in a communal aspect. On the final stretch of the work, it is expressive. At times there is a post-rock crescendo being used within the whole of the experience. Lots of detail makes sure that it as a kaleidoscopic rush.

“My Forever” pops with a degree of playfulness, showing off John Long’s sense of confessional, vulnerability with storytelling that has a grace to it.



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