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Jon McLeod taps into a lovely dream pop realm with the serene “The Valuable Single”.

Jon McLeod - The Valuable Single

Jon McLeod taps into a lovely dream pop realm with the serene “The Valuable Single”. The lush yet airy arrangements feel reminiscent of Galaxie 500’s careful cadence. Rhythms too add to the surreal atmosphere for there is so much gorgeous colour, almost bringing the songs into a slowcore sort of spirit. Guitars have an airy spacious quality while the song grows and expands up into the sky. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts for the band engages in rather spirited interplay.

A quiet, careful methodology steadies the gentle “Valuable”. The opening has a bit of feedback, and then it settles into a wonderful otherworldly series of textures. By far the highlight of the sound comes from the completely beautiful vocals. Never needing to raise their voice, there is a mystery that seems to radiate over the course of the entire piece. Layer upon layer intersect in a way that feels absolutely gorgeous to behold. “Static Air” reimagines Jesus and the Mary Chain as a folk band. There is a kindness to the way that they implement everything, allowing it all to flow in its own passionate way. Light as air, they bring so much light into the sound. With the communal experience in particular adding to the spirit “Static Air” closes things off on a high note.

“The Valuable Single” revels in a serene pastoral beauty, one that reveals Jon McLeod to be an exceptional storyteller, one that uses an impressionistic cadence to deliver something that feels akin to a half-forgotten dream.



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