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Jon Sandman goes for a beautiful chamber pop perfection.

Jon Sandman - Selfless Isolation

Jon Sandman goes for a beautiful chamber pop perfection on the lovely “Selfless Isolation”. With a hushed reverence, there is an awesome power to his understated arrangement. The instrumental variation proves to be a true joy for there is so much detail that he packs into this quiet, contemplative piece. Stylistically, he draws from equal parts classical, folk, and elements of rock all neatly tied together. At certain moments, Jon conjures up imagery from groups like Grizzly Bear in terms of his hallowed reverence for folk’s proud traditions of exploration. The way he styles it all has its own appeal, one that feels so kind.

A quiet whisper of a guitar enters into the fray and begins the work in earnest. From there the rest of the group comes into frame. The focus of the piece is never truly lost for they engage in some delicate interplay over the course of the journey. By far though the true highlight of the entire work comes from his steady, assured voice. Lyrics have a pastoral beauty to them for they engage in some contemplative moments, ones that has so much beautiful imagery to them. Evolution of the sound proves to be rather wonderful, for he incorporates so much into the mix. For the final stretch he lets it all hang out in a way that adds to its intrinsic lush cadence.

“Selfless Isolation” shows off the deft skill of Jon Sandman in carefully crafting his own universe, one that taps into the very zeitgeist.



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