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jopippins’ poignant insight into what the digital world given and taken away from us.

jopippins - terms & conditions

A truly wild trip, jopippins defies easy categorization on the highly personal trip of “terms & conditions”. The creative rap flows have a vulnerability to them, touching upon the tenets of emo rap and doing so with gusto. With a clever mixture of old school and modern hip-hop influences, the piece takes the best of both worlds to combine them into this sparkling, shimmering whole. Elements of cowbell intermingle with gracious guitar licks. But the true soul rests with his powerful vocal delivery one that conveys a sense of intimacy. Lyrically, it gets even more intimate as it brings the listener into his very thoughts and actions.

Nor is a moment wasted for the song gets started right up with some infectious hooks taking front and centre stage. His attention to detail and usage of unexpected flourishes recalls some of Thundercat’s most playful compositions. For all the focus on relationships and their fraught nature, jopippins does keep the overall arrangement unexpectedly playful, a real joy actually. Various elements quite literally pop as the percussive detail references hip-hop through a more old-school electro vision more than anything else. Considering how hard rap can sometimes be, it is good that there is this softer variation, in fact the original variant and what informed some of the earliest hip-hop acts to create such endearing emotionally-varied works.

“terms & conditions” shows off jopippins’ poignant insight into what the digital world given and taken away from us.


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