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Jordan B. Martin’s fiery flow gives “Fight” that nice added bit of aggression.

Jordan B. Martin – Fight

Jordan B. Martin’s fiery flow gives “Fight” that nice added bit of aggression to really drive the point home. A physical sound this is the sort of thing that completely confronts the listener. The snare rushes that come through over the course of the track adds to the raw grit and soul that ties it together. Emotionally harrowing the exploration of depression, mood swings, and more feels absolutely riveting. When paired alongside the mournful piano keys that delicately explore the vast terrain there is a sweetness about the whole thing. Much of the piece makes sure that the vulnerability he shows speaks to a universal truth.

From the very beginning he sets the song off with gusto. All of it is absolutely beautiful. Much of the song has a grandeur about it. The piece feels so physical for he holds nothing back. Never veering from the template the song goes deeper and deeper into what makes the mind tick. Layer upon layer adds to the sheer power of the song. Bass weaves its way through adding to the mix and giving it that right level of gravity. Word choice on here is quite timely given how many people currently struggle with feelings of sadness. Rather than succumb to that feeling there is a defiance about it, a hope of breaking through the fog that often flows through the mind to figure out something much more sustainable.

“Fight” revels in the small details, the undeniable swagger that Jordan B. Martin relishes in displaying with great gusto.



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