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Joshua Zero pulls no punches on the caustic, defiant “Antistar (feat. Long Legged Creatures)”.

Joshua Zero – Antistar (feat. Long Legged Creatures)

Joshua Zero pulls no punches on the caustic, defiant “Antistar (feat. Long Legged Creatures)”. There is a highly politically charged tension in the air throughout the whole experience. If Sleaford Mods met LCD Soundsystem, they might sound a little like this. Beyond the vocals which have a commanding, attention-grabbing quality to them, there is that infectious groove. No matter how feral the sound becomes that beat remains a constant, bouncing forward with righteous indignation, even outright fury holding nothing back. Volume is given for the song virtually crashes over the listener, for it works as a pure uncut wall of sound. Flourishes of the sound help to further sculpt the sound resulting in some wonderfully jagged edges, ones that neatly add to the tenor of the track.

From the initial burst of energy, the song goes racing off into the infinite. The churn of the rhythm has an industrial precision to it. Everything about it too has a degree of evolution to it. Over the course of the track the sound becomes denser, thicker, with the vocal pleas ever more urgent. Anxiety reigns supreme as the song wriggles around uncontrollably, hoping to destroy everything in their path. Layer upon layer enters in, as the thickness of the baseline grows increasingly unstable. By the final stretch the song feels absolutely ready to collapse as they threaten to derail the whole procession.

“Antistar (feat. Long Legged Creatures)” deserves to be blasted as loudly as possible, for Joshua Zero delivers a wild, unhinged trip of a sound.



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