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Jossy Dee delivers something truly powerful and profound on the undeniable swagger of “Davinci”

Jossy Dee – Davinci

A playful piece of pop, Jossy Dee lays the grooves down on the deliriously wild “Davinci”. Percussive elements here are a great amount of the joy that comes on through, for they punctuate the power of his words with such care. Flows here have a sense of pure fire while they careen on through wildly. Stylistically he brings together a pure party atmosphere, one that draws from elements of reggae, hip-hop and pop. By far though the very heart and soul rises from the powerful verses he spits out, for his vocals are completely on point as they possess a tremendous energy to them.

Right from the beginning the energy is kept high. Rhythms have such spirit behind them as they intertwine to create something that feels purely tactile in nature. The buildup of the song has a natural grace to it. Absolutely drenched in sun, there is a summertime aspect to the piece that feels ever so vibrant. Layer upon layer comes into the fray yet the overall temperament of the work has a crystal clarity to it, with every single gesture given plenty of room. Bass here hits hard with a sheer physicality that makes it akin to a force of nature swallowing everything in its path. Going further beyond this is a sweet gentle little melody that has a metallic gleam to it, as it neatly bounces off the walls with a spirit of pure glee.

Jossy Dee delivers something truly powerful and profound on the undeniable swagger of “Davinci”.

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