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Josua Schwab employs a taut 80s informed funk with “Sag Mir Nicht”.

Josua Schwab - Sag Mir Nicht

Josua Schwab employs a taut 80s informed funk with “Sag Mir Nicht”. Like some Germanic variant of the crystal color of Prince meets the Weeknd, there is a giddy playfulness to the whole thing. Keyboards have a graciousness to them, skittering about with some rather stunning colors. The group interplay adds to the sense of community that they utilize to great effect. Every instrument is given more than ample room to roam, for the way that it all sort of bounces off each other further adds to the grace of the work.

A groove is established immediately as they hold absolutely nothing back. Theirs is a seemingly classic sound filtered through a modern lens. Everybody here seems to be having an absolute blast as Tortoise’s idea of group play comes into the fray in a pitch perfect fashion. Akin to Tortoise, they too bring together elements of rock, jazz, funk, even dub into the epic soundscape. Lyrics here go for a tight quality as well, for the staccato vocal delivery adds to its appeal. Drums feature a unique nimbleness, hit with almost an emotional quality. Guitars further go for a rather smooth approach, as the bass frequencies are sculpted with so much care. Everything simply has the right amount of joy beyond it for theirs is a celebration of sound, one that feels absolutely beautiful to behold.

“Sag Mir Nicht” takes on a classic 80s pop style with Josua Schwab adding his own unique touches to bring into this very moment.



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