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Jozie_ramone explores the intensity of hard-living on the clear-eyed urgency of “Starscream”.

Jozie_ramone – Starscream

Jozie_ramone explores the intensity of hard-living on the clear-eyed urgency of “Starscream”. No buildup, nothing, the sound assaults the listener right from the first moment. Beyond the hip-hop anchor, he brings elements of industrial, noise, dubstep, and more ensuring that it is a true hybrid. His voice has a harshness to it, for its commanding presence proves to be the essential heart of the work. Volume is not even a must it is a given for they make sure to hold absolutely nothing back letting it all hit the listener at once. With this tact, they ensure that there is no escape.

From the first second, his work appears to draw from a darker vein of rap. Moments of the mix offer nods to DMX’s sheer force of will alongside the industrial trappings of clipping. By ensuring it all comes together in its own time, there is a buildup of the work even within the limited timeframe. Something hypnotic emerges out of the harsh caustic grooves that underpin the sheer unvarnished truths that come out of the lyrics. Words are chosen with care ensuring that there is a painful, brutal, yet oh so real quality to it. Much of the environment feels fully lived in, and he offers little in the way of relief from this unrelenting world. Instead, it simply stops, rather than employing a fade out, ending as harshly as it began.

“Starscream” shows off the versatile style of Jozie_ramone in crafting their own universe, one whose unflinching bleakness is a truly moving experience.



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