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Jozie_ramone holds nothing back on the intense trip of “Mai Valentine”.

Jozie_ramone - Mai Valentine

Jozie_ramone holds nothing back on the intense trip of “Mai Valentine”. A hazy disposition for sure, the beat is clearly rooted in the nu-school of hip-hop with a nimbleness that stuns. Virtually geometric the grooves have a surreal presence about them. By far though the highlight comes from his impeccable flow. Everything stems from his pure clear-eyed focus of the lyrics, with every verse hitting hard. Beats work wonders around him adding to the highly intimate presence of the piece. Deserving to be played as loudly as possible for this is a physical tact.

Right from the beginning the melodic ambient swirl right in the background gives it a shoegaze meets rap tact to it. The shifting of pitches is a clever touch, and further adds to the sense of dreaminess that the arrangement achieves with ease. His voice manages to swim through all of this, always remaining the clear focal point of the entirety of the piece. Sharp, nimble beats hit with pure fury as they have a wildness to it. Storytelling with an observational approach means that even within the single story there appears to be a seemingly endless number of variations. By letting this Byzantine aspect into the equation there is an unlimited sense of possibility one that has a particularly heavy emotional cadence. Nor is there any need to rush it – they take their time establishing mood and breaking it apart.

“Mai Valentine” shows off the deft skill on the mic of Jozie_ramone in exploring an entire mood in a way that feels raw and real.


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