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Julie Tuzet features a slinky luxurious style with “Create (feat. DOVE-i)”.

Julie Tuzet – Create (feat. DOVE-i)

Julie Tuzet features a slinky luxurious style with “Create (feat. DOVE-i)”. Quite tastefully, she brings together classical, R&B, pop, and dubstep. Her take on dubstep has more in common with the restraint of James Blake rather than the excesses of Skrillex. Melodies have a gorgeousness to them. Everything about the sound has a polished production about it. Layer upon layer gets thrown into the mix. Yet there is a lightness about the work. Noir elements permeate the mix for there is a jazz-like improvisation to the process. So, gentle the piece makes sure that there is a bit of a mystery about it, one that draws the listener into the environment.

From the first moment of the work there is a hushed awe about it. Quiet with the right degree of restraint about it the song has a lushness to it. Everything about it features a great amount of detail. Headphones are a must for there is a rather intimate nature to it. So much vulnerability gets brought into the equation for they make sure that it has a realness to it, one that feels so lovely. Her voice contains multitudes. Lyrics too are chosen with care, with every verse nicely sculpted with tremendous thought to them. Over the course of the piece it all comes together to have a bit of a moment of pure clarity that closes it out.

“Create (feat. DOVE-i)” goes for an elegant tact, one that shows off Julie Tuzet’s uncanny spirit of sculpting a delicate, fragile universe one that completely engrosses the listener.



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