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Julient taps into a tribal trance-like atmosphere on the trippy “Solo”.

Julient – Solo

Julient taps into a tribal trance-like atmosphere on the trippy “Solo”. From the physical hit of the beat to the lush synthesizers that spread out into the infinite, the whole of the experience has a dreaminess to it. With elements of synthpop, chillwave, hypnagogic pop, and more, there exists a true soulfulness to the proceedings. The song is best listened to on headphones for the full, spacious experience to simply wash over everything. Nods to 90s trance pop emerge throughout the entirety of the work and there is a true decadence to the way it all sprawls. Layer upon layer filters into the fray ensuring that it is easy to get lost in the many intricate details.

Right from the beginning he wastes no time in getting the atmosphere set. A late-night reflective presence takes form. By far the true heart of the track comes from his steady, assured vocals that effortlessly tie the whole of the experience together. Ambient washes ebb and flow throughout further adding to the mysterious aura of the piece. No cryptic quality exists within this mystery, it is a dark yet lovelorn beauty that adorns it. Lyrics further add to this narrative, for every word is weighted for maximum impact. Hushed awe and reverence appear throughout, further making sure that the sense of stability continues throughout. Wafting up into the sky for the finale the song seems to simply disappear.

“Solo” shows Julient reveling in a blissed-out world, one that has a stately tender presence about it.



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