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juneyear shows off a sly, affectionate groove with the soulful “crazy (for love) (feat. Jackcity)”.

juneyear - crazy (for love) (feat. Jackcity)

juneyear shows off a sly, affectionate groove with the soulful “crazy (for love) (feat. Jackcity)”. Chords here feature a distinct mixture of jazz and R&B, resulting in this swirling sound. Vocalists on here further bring this point home, for there is an inherent yearning to be found within the whole of the experience. By opting for this sense of beauty the whole of the piece at times feels lighter than air. Melodies waft up into the infinite perfectly complimenting the pure affection that adorns each and every lyric. Over the course of the proceedings, they stick to this sense of peace, one that feels doubly refreshing. Every gesture on here is carefully considered for the minimal style makes sure that any single take they embrace gets that right level of care about it. Vocalists intermingle adding to the communal, almost conversational tenor of it.

A hushed awe introduces the work. With each reiteration the song comes into focus yet retains that bright, gentle demeanor to it. Rhythms keep up the laid-back attitude, one that has such compassion to it. The word choice shown throughout has a vibrancy to it, doubly reassuring in the way that it emerges. Due to the slow tempo the atmosphere has a reflective stance, meditative at times even. For the final stretch they branch out into a poppy disposition, for the infectiousness of the sound is quite undeniable.

“crazy (for love) (feat. Jackcity)” features prominently with its chilled-out atmosphere, showing juneyear to be capable of creating a true



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