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Junoe wastes no time in getting the party started on the powerful rush of “Running Away”.

Junoe - Running Away

Junoe wastes no time in getting the party started on the powerful rush of “Running Away”. The energy makes the whole track burst at the seams for there is nothing that they hold back. Volume is a must for theirs is a sound that must truly be felt. One can even sense the sort of sweaty, intense nightclubs that would give this kind of spirit a home. Best of all his vocals have a lushness to them, for the lyricism has a carefree, defiant attitude that helps the whole of the piece to rise above in a way that is outright majestic.

From the first moment he lets that beat drop in a way that pays homage to classic house while also bringing that traditional sound forward. Elements beyond house enter into the mix, from R&B to pop to more than a little bit of funk. By bringing all of this into the colossal approach what results is an expansive, epic emotion one that explores every nook and cranny of the carefully sculpted atmosphere. Psychedelic in its swirling style at times Junoe knows how to push the sound forward, into a gleaming futuristic sheen. With the small nods to rock entering into the sound as well, there are nods to Daft Punk’s old-school yet fresh take on dance music. Buildups feel masterful as the thing works itself into a fiery frenzy.

“Running Away” features the undeniable talent of Junoe in creating a sound that seems truly destined to bring the dancefloor together in a sense of community.

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