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“Jupiter” shows off Angie Robba’s true range and power behind her voice.

Angie Robba – Jupiter

Angie Robba offers a playful take on the classic folk sound with the intensity of “Jupiter”. Here the gravity of the work feels potent from the powerful strum of the guitar to the way the rest of the song comes into focus. Vocals here positively stun for they possess so much fire and passion.

Every single verse hits hard and her delivery is impeccably raw, feeling so visceral. The arrangement itself works wonders effortlessly building up around her, for its tension proves to be an interesting counterpoint to her own razor-sharp edge to her voice. Stylistically rooted in a folk pop flavor, elements of chamber pop, classical, even EDM filter into the fray further adding to the density of the work.

Her stark voice introduces the piece. From afar, the little electronic flourishes start building up with methodical precision. Every single detail matter in this starkly minimal approach and she takes it quite seriously. Upon the inclusion of the drums and the song gains an almost martial cadence to it all, for the winding ways that it goes become a true delight to behold. Melodically rich, the singular melody gets repeated and refracted in gorgeously lovely ways. Vocals here offer a force of nature quality for they grow and grow. A great wash of sound sweeps up everything for the final stretch as there is a certain catharsis to be found in its elegant crescendo.

“Jupiter” shows off Angie Robba’s true range and power behind her voice with lyrics that absolutely touch the very heart.

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