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Kat Reinhert delivers a regal piece of chamber pop on the soulful “Behind”.

Kat Reinhert – Behind

Kat Reinhert delivers a regal piece of chamber pop on the soulful “Behind”. Vocals have a reassuring tender air about them. Lyrics are chosen with care for every verse has a careful cadence to them. Her storytelling possesses a poetry for the song grows in a lovely, organic way. Drenched with sunlight there is an airiness to it, one that allows the sound itself to seemingly lift up into the very sky. Instrumentally she paces herself, for the rest of the band comes in with such delicacy. A bit of fragility comes into the fray for there is an ornate sensibility to the way that she brings them all together.

Guitar starts things off in a kind, compassionate way. Upon the inclusion of her voice the sound outright blooms. The usage of keyboards adds to the dream pop bliss of the piece. She incorporates this surreal hopeful ode one that absolutely stuns. Drums add the right amount of heft, helping to start the piece’s turn to become more cinematic. Indeed, there is an emotional quality to the hit of the drums, the way they conjure up wide-open spaces. This, alongside the commanding presence of her voice, results in a swirling, kaleidoscopic quality. Nods to groups like Beach House’s latter-day work emerge, for she too has a gracefulness to her delivery, one that has such exquisite beauty to it. For the finale they let that tension that had been brewing truly bubble up in a fantastic burst of energy.

With “Behind” Kat Reinhert embraces a truly classic, timeless approach one that reveals a truly heartfelt feeling.



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