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Katie Belle’s soulful ballad “Daughter” stuns the senses.

Katie Belle – Daughter

Katie Belle’s soulful ballad “Daughter” stuns the senses. A romantic work in the best sense of the word, the way that the song gallops forward lend it a degree of majesty, one that feels joyous to behold. The restraint held over much of the track is a particular blessing, for she lets the evolution happen gradually. Buildup means that the organic and digital are neatly rolled into one single aspect. Various rhythms unfurl at their own pace, making sure that it has a delicacy to it. Full of fragile elements the way that she allows the rest of the arrangement to come into focus feels fantastic.

From the very first moment a dreamy sensibility wafts on through the rest of the sound. Every single small detail gets magnified thanks in part to this slow moving reflective stance. By far the highlight of the work resonances from the power of her voice. She sings up to the heavens for hers is a force of nature. Upon the rest of the arrangement becoming increasingly more and more active the whole of the track crescendos in a fantastic frenzy of activity. Towards the latter half in particular the beats, the melody, and more all seem to nicely get woven together in a way that feels highly unique. Production being kept polished ensures that this intimacy the work explores has a flawless, shimmering gloss to it.

“Daughter” revels in the exquisite detail of Katie Belle’s uncanny storytelling ability resulting in an experience that feels all-consuming.



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