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Kaylyn Marie displays a pure fire and passion on the intense energy of “Finally”.

Kaylyn Marie – Finally

Kaylyn Marie displays a pure fire and passion on the intense energy of “Finally”. With her voice taking on a commanding presence, her lyricism leads the way. The way she lets the sound expand gives it a bit of beauty about it for she holds nothing back, imbuing every word with such care. Right behind her the backing band proves to be exceptional for they have a graciousness about them, with their rhythm working on an emotional as well as a time-keeping aspect. Done with so much dignity about it, the way about it feels outright gorgeous for she makes sure to never lose sight of that initial impulse.

The song opens up as a fine caress, with the scaled-back sound adding to its genteel approach. Instrumentally vibrant, she proves to be deft at making sure that there is a bit of inherent class about the whole of the thing, as the song avoids trendiness for something a bit more classic. Volume is a must and it conjures its way up, for the many layers are woven together in a considered fashion. Always maintaining that spark of lightness, they ensure that her vocals remain front and centre of it all. Her presence is the very heart of the whole track from which all else flows, as there is a brilliance about it that indicates a sense of accomplishment that brings it to a majestic finale.

“Finally” has an exquisite beauty to it, as Kaylyn Marie creates a brilliant bold and timeless tale.



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