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Kaysha Louvain sings straight from the heart on the soulful sound of “Nobody Does It Like Me”.

Kaysha Louvain - Nobody Does It Like Me

Kaysha Louvain sings straight from the heart on the soulful sound of “Nobody Does It Like Me”. The song has a low-key presence about it for the way that they draw the atmosphere out adds to its magical allure. Elements of dream pop alongside classical flourishes enter into the overall piece. Volume serves the piece well for they conjure up imagery of wide-open spaces. Poetic in nature they know how to build back as well as how to forge ahead allowing for a great deal of majesty within the epic journey. Guitar work stuns, and the drums beat with a clear-eyed intensity.

The song starts up with majesty as there is a power behind it. Done with such dignity everything about the song stuns. Layers are further added into the work, ebbing and flowing in such gorgeousness. By allowing the song plenty of room to roam the rest of the sound wafts on through high up into the sky giving it a great degree of colour. Quite pretty in nature, it is easy to get lost in the woven detailed textures. All of it has a kindness to it, for the vocals swim through making sure that there is a heart to the matter, one that feels so soothing to explore. Beats hit more with an emotional cadence to it making sure that the grooves have a physicality to them, nicely bringing to it a close.

“Nobody Does It Like Me” revels in the thoughtful storytelling and outright compassion of Kaysha Louvain.

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