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kazaizen sculpts a flawlessly silky-smooth sound on the soothing “Bye the Sea”.

kazaizen - Bye the Sea

A clear fondness for 60s psychedelic pop, kazaizen goes for a warm, inviting sound with “Bye the Sea”. With such gentle cadence the song leisurely saunters on through gliding by on those impeccable keyboard vamps. Nods to fellow retro-psych explores the Mild High Club, everything about the sound rests within that chilled-out poolside attitude. Guitar work glides up and down with its own majesty, recalling the jazz inflections of Mac DeMarco’s output. However, it is those tremendous vocals that neatly tie the whole thing together and truly sell the sound. Sung with such flair, the whole of the track gains a woozy, dazed quality to it with the many layers intermingling in a way that becomes so lush.

The keyboards introduce the thing and serve as the grounding for the rhythm section. Vocals seemingly swim through the dense hazy mix further adding to the lovely colours that seem to filter on into the track. Never rushing things atmosphere proves to be of the utmost importance. Melodies go for a laid-back approach for they waft on into the air without a single hint of a care. Quite free the way that the song swirls about in its fantastic style is a joy to behold. So much peace and optimism tends to the very soul of the sound, for the finale it all fades out in a wonderful gaze.

kazaizen sculpts a flawlessly silky-smooth sound on the soothing “Bye the Sea”


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