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KC Blackwater embodies the best of nervous post-punk energy on the chaos of “Fungi”.

KC Blackwater – Fungi

KC Blackwater embodies the best of nervous post-punk energy on the chaos of “Fungi”. A true whirlwind the song is a demented collection of genres. Vocals bring it together for the humor that they convey feels wonderful. The references abound and they go for the classic post-punk ethos for there is a revolutionary aspect to it. Nods to the old school groups like the Pop Group, Mr. Bungle, and more enter into the fray. On the more contemporary side of things, KC Blackwater brings pieces of Dry Cleaning, Fake Fruit, and others in building up tension. Volume is not a must it is a given for there is a beauty to it, the way that it virtually bursts at the very seams.

They waste no time in getting things started for the grooves have a blissful quality. His verses cut to the very bone, for there is a very dry wit that defines the work. Verses nicely build off each other, and his vocals have a power to them. Riffs and rhythms blend into each other for there is nothing held back at all. Every single thing works together into this coherent whole. Careful threads come together to add to the tapestry. Drums help to keep things relatively brisk. Pieces of the work capture the zeitgeist with every little word chosen with care. All of the track works itself into a fury, as the final stretch has a fantastic blur to it.

“Fungi” shows off KC Blackwater’s uncanny ability to create a bit of havoc alongside infectious hooks.



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