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Kenan Flannery Releases Beautiful Acoustic EP

Kenan Flannery Releases Beautiful Acoustic EP

Dublin based singer/songwriter/producer Kenan Flannery has released one of the best EPs I've heard in awhile. I'm not gonna lie- I was skeptical at first. Even though I'm a huge fan of Kenan's work, I wasn't sure how much I'd dig a whole collection of stripped back tunes.

Needless to say I was blown away by the project. At his core, he's a boy with a guitar and a cowboy soul, and the project captures this and like an old film camera. It showcases his incredible strength as a singer/songwriter. It epitomizes not only his sound but also who he is, in a beautifully candid way.

Kenan's strength lies in strong songwriting and emotive vocal performances. These are the elements that carry this EP, with his personality shining through like relentless morning sun through your blinds. Every song is thoughtfully crafted and features Kenan's unique mix of indie, folk, and country.

This EP makes me want to leave this old town behind and hop on a train with a guitar on my back while writing a letter to my distant lover. Please sit on your porch this summer and listen to this EP.

Every song is different and enticing in its own way, while staying true to the cohesiveness of the project. The EP opens with Fools Gold, which captured me immediately as just a beautiful love song and got me excited about the rest of the EP. It's followed by Glory Days which is an upbeat country railroad tune. "Rolling Stone" introduces more instrumentation such as Kenan's harmonica playing. And also - there's just something about slide guitar in the summer time lads. "Our Love" is a more stripped back tune. The EP closes with "I'll love you Anyways," which I adore lyrically and melodically.

"Tell me babe, if you could go anywhere, with lots of money and no cares, would you still go with me?" - Kenan Flannery, "I'll Love You Anyways"


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