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“Kiana” shows off Ash Daily’s clever and modern storytelling.

Ash Daily – Kiana

Ash Daily offers a refreshing update on the classic heartbreak song with “Kiana”. Lyrics here rest in the very centre of it all from which all else flows. The way the piece has a tropical cadence to it feels particularly fine for it never is rushed. Melodies waft on by with a true sense of luxury, as the layers are filtered into the mix in such tender ways. Everything has a tropical cadence to it for the whole of the piece is drenched in so much sunshine. Vocals emphasize a loss alongside this tenor, making the song emotionally complex and a true thrill to unravel.

Jazzy guitar akin to Mac Demarco’s work opens the piece up on a high note. From there the rest of the groove quickly locks into place. Vocals start to recall the tale of woe that brought them here. A thoughtful narrative begins to form, one that explores how someone can bring so much joy yet so much pain at the same time. Quite cleverly the comparison with Satan and stating that he too was a fallen angel is a deft touch, as the lyrics progress from there. Rhythms always offer just the right amount of energy working to further highlight his points rather than overtake them. Buildup of the sound and the exploration of loss feels rather raw, for Ash holds nothing back, letting the listener see it all.

“Kiana” shows off Ash Daily’s clever and modern storytelling for he pulls the singer-songwriter tradition into this very moment.

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