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Kid Apollo has just unveiled a fantastic new song: Wrong Foot Forward.

October 2021 - Kid Apollo is the moniker behind the work of singer and songwriter Rory Mullan, originally from Derry, Northern Ireland. He is not only an artist and songwriter, but also a self-taught producer who makes incredibly lush and dreamy music out of his trusty bedroom studio setup. His music has appeared on various media platforms, including being featured on the BBC and various other music-related publications. At the age of 25, Rory is on a mission to deliver astonishingly personal and unique music, combining his fondness for emotional writing with his vast range of influences, including pop, rock, indie-folk, and pretty much anything in between. His most recent song, Wrong Foot Forward is a perfect example of what to expect from Kid Apollo. According to the artist, the song was “born out of frustration and reluctant acceptance of not being where you want to be at in life.” We all can relate to this feeling, and Kid Apollo is able to look inwards and outwards in a very poignant way through his lyrics.

Find out more about Kid Apollo and do not miss out on Wrong Foot Forward, which has been available on the scene since the 27th of October, 2021.

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