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Kipani’s “Stay In” shows her ability to craft a sonic universe that feels so warm and inviting.

Kipani - Stay In

Kipani delivers a lovely little lullaby on the tender “Stay In”. Soft melodies glisten emphasizing a Zen-like calm. Rhythms too feature a lighter touch as they have a pastoral, airy quality about them. Layer upon layer filters into the mix resulting in a glowing atmosphere that recalls early chillout room music. Stylistically rooted in a dream pop aesthetic, she also incorporates small elements of ambient and classical to fully flesh out the whole of the sound. By far though the true soul of the piece comes from her poetic vocals, as they shine with such compassion and care. Word choice too goes for a gentle kindness to every single verse, with each verse balanced for the greatest degree of care. The way all of this comes together is simple, elegant, and stunning.

The way the piece opens up features a lulling, lilting beauty. From this singular groove all else comes into play. Her voice has a crystal clarity to it, playful yet at the same time quite soothing. Almost another textural element the way her vocals blend into the swirling mix feels so reassuring. Evolution of the sound happens with subtle shifts for this is a beguiling little piece, one that reveals its many features with tremendous patience. Perfect for headphone listening, the way she sculpts the sound to become a teeming little ecosystem adds to the pure blissful aspect of the work.

“Stay In” shows off Kipani’s impeccable ability to craft a sonic universe that feels so warm and inviting.



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