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Kozak Demars offers positive vibes on the delightful decadent dancefloor dynamite.

Kozak Demars - Shine Your Light

Kozak Demars offers positive vibes on the delightful decadent dancefloor dynamite of “Shine Your Light”. His voice has a crystal calm to it with lyrics that emphasize a sense of self-discovery. Done with a decadent, delirious style he explores a pure joyfulness within the bouncing beats and infectious hooks that adorn the whole of the track. References to Disclosure’s early house mining efforts appear throughout, for, like their work, Kozak manages to keep things to the absolute essentials. This minimal take works wonders for it accentuates the power of his voice as it also ensures that the groove truly reigns supreme for his flow has a flawless quality to it.

The quiet introduction belies the impressive buildup that occurs with such care. Layer upon layer is added with painterly precision, for in a stripped down four to the floor track like this one, every gesture counts. He makes sure they count by allowing them a great deal of flexibility where the little details become magnified with time, as each cycle adds and subtracts something new. By allowing a crystal clarity to the piece, he deftly shows the polish with which the song unfurls. Over the course of the piece there is a kindness, a gentle spirit that runs through the whole of the track. For the final stretch the song neatly blends into a fantastic stream of consciousness and good feelings.

“Shine Your Light” shows off Kozak Demars’ uncanny skill in crafting a serene atmosphere, one that washes over the listener in a way that feels so vivid.



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