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Kryan Releases Nostalgic Tune, "I Always Knew"

Dublin-based singer/songwriter Kryan has released a nostalgic, indie-rock summer banger that should go straight on to your playlists alongside Dermot Kennedy and Gavin James.

"I Always Knew" opens with Kryan's emotive vocals tip-toeing over a careful piano line and subtle string swells. A steady beat joins the ensemble to push the tune further downstream into a story of love found, and love lost. Strumming guitars, rhythmic drums and engaging vocals build to a glowing, stuck-in-your-head crescendo that paints a sepia-toned montage of the love of summers past.

The track features immense attention to detail in the production, including the skillful use of backing vocals and strings to create an atmosphere of hopeful emotion. The song was co-written and produced by David Morys Prendergast (Kodaline, Overhead the Albatross).

I'm excited to see what Kryan has in store for the future, and can see him establishing himself at the table of Irish indie-pop chart-toppers; fellow Swords natives Kodaline were a big influence on Kryan growing up. "I Always Knew" is Kryan's third single, and I recommend giving his previous two a listen, as they are further attests not only to potential of Kryan as a songwriter and vocalist, but also to the high standard of music coming out of Ireland at the moment.


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