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Kyle M Watson embraces the atmosphere on the lighter than air arrangement of “I’m Ready”.

Kyle M Watson - I'm Ready

Kyle M Watson embraces the atmosphere on the lighter than air arrangement of “I’m Ready”. A clever mixture of pop, R&B, and soul there is a true compassion to the piece. The song has a delicacy to it. Mere whispers of sound weave their way through the whole piece. Lots of detail emerges out of the track. Lots of intelligent balances take shape. Everything about it has a patience to it. Groove work has a persistence to it, with each single reiteration adding to the expanse of it. Beats help to anchor it for it shuffles about. Plenty of bass goes into the hit as it dives deep into the red. Melodies intermingle as they lend the entirety of the work a ghostly aura.

The song has a persistence about it, one that is doubly refreshing. Over the course of the trip the small introduction gets elaborated upon. Vocals feature a honeyed quality for they swirl about with their own degree of majesty. Cinematic flourishes seemingly sprawl out, as everything has a lightness one that means that there is always that attention to detail. Every single twist and turn has a timelessness to it. Much of the work embraces that old-school classic repose as it steadily increases in intensity all the way until the end. By maintaining a degree of decorum the song comes to a joyous release in its final moments.

“I’m Ready” revels in the exquisite detail of Kyle M Watson’s sharp and insightful lyricism, proving him to be a masterful storyteller.



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