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Lara’s “Wall” dazzles with a brilliant array of beats and melodies.

Lara – Wall

Lara embraces a glamorous nu disco ethos on the sultry “Wall”. Her vocals at times draws from the playful Le Tigre mixed with a bit of Roisin Murphy thrown in for good measure. Patterns here opt for the ornate. A kaleidoscopic array of colours filter in and out of the mix resulting in a vast sea of sound that swirls around the listener. Delivery here goes for an infectious cadence, one where Lara deftly brings together a hint of seduction matched with the slight chill of ice, never neatly settling into one singular style. This mix of genres, styles, and even cadences result in a journey that easily and always defies listener’s expectations, as it explores such a wide terrain even while firmly grounded in a catchy poppy neon-hued sense of splendor.

The glam ethos begins quickly and in earnest for the keyboard flourishes start out on the low end before slowly yet significantly moving up into sheer bursts of sparkling sounds. On top of this her vocals have a defiance about them and every verse is delivered with the utmost of precision. Yet her total intent remains unclear as they unfurl. Beats underpin the power of her words. Poetic at times the way the song seems to spin out of control further adds to the freewheeling nature of the narrative as it shifts into an almost surrealist scope.

Sung with such poise and passion, Lara’s “Wall” dazzles with a brilliant array of beats and melodies, defying easy categorization while remaining undeniably alluring.

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