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Larry Mindel’s ‘Love In Troubled Times’ Is Stellar.

Larry Mindel’s ‘Love In Troubled Times’ Is Stellar

The UK singer-songwriter Larry Mindel’s new debut album ‘Love In Troubled Times’ will captivate your soul and take you on an emotional journey as the music moves you and brings you to tears. The opening track ‘Lowland Love’ sonically encompasses strings, piano and beautiful vocals; a stellar opening to this body of work. Some of the standout tracks in the album include, ‘Take a Rest At My Door’ which is a classic song with jazz elements and beautiful vocals, that help create powerful images in your mind. The closing saxophone solo on ‘Lemon’ was truly tremendous, the musical talents Mindel showcased on this track are stellar. ‘Deep Water’ displays a stunning piano, layered with a string arrangement which is refreshing to hear. Mindel’s ear for what sounds good together is demonstrated well on this track. ‘Brave’ demonstrates his storytelling capabilities as he encourages you to believe in yourself and look within yourself for guidance, a truly important message for a very powerful and emotional song. A track everyone can definitely relate to at some point in their life. The closing track, ‘Be Careful How You Go’ is arguably the best track, with the sublime strings and piano accompanying his beautifully written lyrics. These tracks help cement this album as a classic body of work that explores Jazz-blues sounds very successfully with the help of a saxophone, piano, strings and vocals showcasing his wonderfully crafted lyrics.

Find out more via Larry Mindel's website: You'll also be able to read his witty anecdotes on his blog there. 'Love In Troubled Times' is available on all major platforms as well as on Bandcamp:



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