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Late TV go absolutely nuts with the 80s dance funk bliss of “Fools Fools Fools”.

Late TV - Fools Fools Fools

Late TV go absolutely nuts with the 80s dance funk bliss of “Fools Fools Fools”. Following up on the recent sounds of Jonny Kosmo in California, there is a beauty to be found within the way they do. Dripping with nostalgia and a certain degree of sleaze the song is a pure joy. Bass here has a flair about it and they in let it goes loose, nicely serving as one of the many highlights of the piece. Volume is an absolute must for in any just world this would be the sort of song blaring out of numerous car stereos.

The first moment shows the sheer affection they have for the 80s. Grooves have an ample amount of weight to them for they make sure that they have a steadiness throughout. Keyboards waft on through with ambient washes of sound, further adding to the neon glow of the sound. By far the vocals serve as the main backbone of the work, at least at first. With a decadence to them they seem to bring together elements of Cabaret with a distinct synthesized fever. For the latter half of the work, they make sure the interplay of the band completely lets loose. It is the final stretch where all the dexterity and skill of the group stuns, for there is a grandeur to the way that they bounce off each other.

“Fools Fools Fools” shows off Late TV’s uncanny ability to get the party started in a way that has a wild-eyed animalistic fervor.



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