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Latenitexeno’s “feeling alight with you (feat. petal boy)”

latenitexeno - feeling alright with you (feat. petal boy)

A delicate romance takes hold of latenitexeno’s soulful “feeling alright with you (feat. petal boy). The careful blend of sample and electro flourishes mix into a surprisingly bright airy whole. With such lovely melodies, the piece possesses such a graceful quality to it. Nods to the natural and electronic worlds combine to create this virtual stream of consciousness, one that has a highly thoughtful and thought-provoking balance to it. Vocals present such tender care and touching displays of affection for they are always kept framed in a way that feels outright celebratory. Beats further add to the kindness of the sound for they have a gleeful quality, drawing a little from video game soundtracks to deliver something highly unique and deeply emotionally satisfying.

The woozy open draws favourably upon Boards of Canada’s nostalgic take. A little bit of additional yellowed melodies filters further into the mix adding to its yearning quality. Vocals possess a great deal of honesty behind them for every lyric has a dewy-eyed splendor to them, for each verse nicely flows off the last. Beats have an emotional quality to them serving as a perfect pairing to the already gorgeous lush sound. Layer upon layer is added in a way that always leaves the piece feeling surprisingly pastoral, almost rural in terms of its exploration of sound despite its clear electronic origins.

Latenitexeno’s “feeling alight with you (feat. petal boy)” taps into the Beach Boys’ 60s era of innocence with a charmingly sweet melody that feels so welcoming.

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