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Latir employs a lush, luxurious sound on the seductive spirit of “Carousel”.

Latir - Carousel (feat. Olivia Nelson & Tokio Myers)

Latir employs a lush, luxurious sound on the seductive spirit of “Carousel (feat. Olivia Nelson & Tokio Myers)”. Here the instrumental variety feels romantic. Nods to dubstep, hip-hop, classical, folk, and a whole slew of other genres come together in a way that has a love to it. By allowing these many elements to come together Latir at times feels reminiscent of the early yearning quality of James Blake’s work. Certainly, the strings within the sound have a gracious presence to them, giving the sound so much warmth. Vocals too ooze with that liveliness as there is a communal presence to the way it swirls about.

Opening up in a sweeping motion there is a grandeur to it. Cinematic with its symphonic place the song has a regal aspect. Vocals here feature a great degree of vulnerability, intimacy, and more making sure that there is a strength to it. Drawing the listener in with every twist and turn there is a focus to it. The path of the song has an unexpected series of flourishes to it, for there is a greatness to the way it bursts forth. For the way that the song expresses itself the buildup has an adventurousness to it, making sure that the atmosphere has color to it. Instruments play together, the electronic and the acoustic in a way that feels perfect.

“Carousel (feat. Olivia Nelson & Tokio Myers)” offers a tenderness to it with Latir making sure that there is a compassionate quality to it.



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