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Lauren Carter’s “Chase the High” sets the mood in a fantastic fully engrossing way.

Lauren Carter - Chase the High

With a pure perfect sense of pop, Lauren Carter’s sultry “Chase the High” has a decadent delirium to it. The disco flavor to the work gives it a joyous attitude one that feels ever so stunning to behold. Behold that, there are elements of R&B, lounge, and downtempo that further heighten the smoky atmosphere. By far though her voice truly ties all these many elements together. Commanding but not overbearing, her soft and silky-smooth cadence gives the lyrics so much life, as if they have truly lived.

Not a moment is wasted for the mood is set right from the beginning. The bass rolls on through with so much care that it feels truly awe-inspiring to behold. Evolution has a stunning approach for the growth of the sound becomes rather majestic. Her stately aura at times draws upon a classic singer-songwriter spirit, which helps to give the track a sense of timelessness. Indeed, by deftly side-stepping trends she crafts a song that feels eternal. Every single pattern and layer come together to fully flesh out the sound, making it a joyous experience. Full of so much love and compassion, the tenderness of the track feels absolutely perfectly balanced. Drums have a softness to them for the whole of the track embraces a sense of space. When the sound is stripped to the essentials it gains a certain hypnotic quality to it.

“Chase the High” shows off Lauren Carter’s uncanny ability to set the mood in a fantastic fully engrossing way.



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